You're getting married! What an exciting journey you’re on - I’m so happy you’ve included me in the search to find your perfect photographer. I’m here to answer any questions and show you guys what to expect when you ask me to shoot your big day. I’m all about your special moments, from capturing them as they unfold to creating the most magical story of your big day. 

My aim is that you’ll feel completely at ease with me around, trusting me fully to capture your remarkable day. The most important thing is you have the time of your life, and I’ll capture your love story with stunning imagery that’ll last forever. You’ll look back at these timeless moments and bring your wedding to life every time you open your album. 


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Over the past 10 years, I've gained so much knowledge and experience in the wedding industry. I’ve met a lot of different scenarios and can handle anything that comes my way with grace and compassion so that you can rely on me, no matter what. 

I strive to turn around a stunning sneak peek within 24 hours of your day (48 if I'm on a double). My sneak peeks are a micro-story of your day told in 50 high-res images for you to have and share!

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I pride myself on going above and beyond for my clients - nothing is too much trouble. I’ve levelled up the term ‘trusted supplier’ and I’ll do anything in my power to ensure your day is perfect. Doing up dresses, hyping you up, calming you down, and guiding you through every step of the day - I’m there for it all. 

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Mazie and Tom x

From that moment on we couldn’t wait to meet Laura for our wedding. But with mixed nerves on how we’d photograph we opted to add in an engagement shoot. This was done with so much ease and arranged brilliantly to work around us. Even better it meant we got to formally meet Laura sooner and suddenly the nerves were gone! Laura has this super-human ability to make you feel so at ease and relaxed doing normal things and then transforms those moments into photographic masterpieces which gave us a huge confidence boost!
Not only is Laura’s insane talent an incredible attribute but we also realised she is a ridiculously lovely human. Within seconds you feel like you’re meeting up with an old friend you hadn’t seen in a while and she carries on that relationship throughout. She’s there at a minutes notice to give you advice on anything and is such a bubbly funny character.
On the wedding day Laura was amazing, she made everyone laugh and went ahead to check and alter details about styling because she knew our wedding inside out. Laura has this skill of being absolutely everywhere at once, keeping everyone smiling and yet somehow blending in taking these beautiful photos without you realising she’s there.
Within a day Laura had a ridiculously generous sneak peak of our wedding at around 100+ photos, when we were expecting about 10! She goes above and beyond for everything, works tirelessly hard and if there’s one thing you need at your wedding, it’s Laura.
P.S. follow her Instagram even if you’re not getting married, the photos are awesome and her dog is beautiful!


Laura is the best investment we ever made. From the moment we found her Instagram we knew we had to have her and we’re so thankful we managed to book her!

Nicole and Sunny x

There isn’t anything we can do or say that will come close to how incredible and amazing Laura is!
I couldn’t imagine our wedding day without her. I didn’t realise, really, until after the wedding that all you are left with are memories and photos, and Laura made both of them magical.
We are in love with them! What you don’t realise is that Laura listens to everything you ask for and makes it happen, even if on the day it is impossible. Laura was the one that zipped me into my dress and made sure I had my reveal moments with my family and bridemaids, even though we were running lateAll of our suppliers on the day referred to Laura for timings. She was directing my day and ensuring everything I’d privately told her I’d love to happen came true. She is like a little fairy godmother with a camera!
Laura was with us for 3 days and she was just a complete and utter joy to be with! I actually missed her on the third day as we arranged for her to come a bit later. She goes far, far beyond a photographer; she absolutely smashed the photos and she, herself made the wedding!


The photos are beyond what we dreamt of, Laura is so incredibly talented and managed to capture the real us and all of our emotions and feelings for each other in every photo. 

Tijan and Henry x

My husband and I didn’t have a pre wedding shoot, and my husband doesn’t particularly enjoy standing in front of a camera having his photo taken. However Laura made us feel so relaxed and at ease, none of them look awkward at all, and we had a great time just laughing and taking photos!
When it came to all the fun pictures with our wedding party, we had the best time! We all had so much fun doing the champagne shots and just goofing around and Laura caught all those moments perfectly.
I felt so at ease with Laura and my husband and I felt so happy with letting her take the lead and making certain decisions as things changed throughout the day. For example we were planning for a golden hour after our first dance, but we had to move it to after our wedding breakfast instead due to the weather. Laura asked what we’d prefer and we asked her to make the decision because we knew she’d know best. She’s the professional and does this everyday so it just made sense for her to make the decisions like this.
Laura isn’t only a photographer, but she’ll fix your hair, makeup, underwear, stick her hand down your dress to pull out confetti! She literally helps you with everything and is never far away!
I honestly cannot recommend Laura enough, she has the kindest biggest heart and genuinely wants you to have the best day and will do anything to make sure she gets the photos you want on your day.


Where do I start? Firstly, you’ll want Laura to be your best friend afterwards because she is truly amazing!

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Telling a story is my favourite aspect of my career. I want you to be obsessed with your photos, and have an “is that really us?” feeling when you see them. I’m all about the epic moments and jaw-dropping sunsets, the laughter and tears you didn’t see, and the wonderful drunken dance moves. Your photos will tell your day's story as it unfolds naturally and candidly and will take you right back to those special moments forever.
Head to my About page to find out more about who I am and what I offer.

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